SASSI® provides comprehensive support for all users. This is in the form of email, telephone, help manuals and videos. Support is an integral part of the SASSI® experience. SASSI® partners with three other IT companies that can provide specialised support in the areas of servers, IT infrastructure and email.

We provide 24/7 remote monitoring of the SASSI® kiosks, to ensure that they are continually on line and operating.

SASSI® support is available during normal business hours with a dedicated email address and support phone number. For special circumstances temporary after hours support can be provided.

A comprehensive set of user manuals is available on line in a PDF format and can be readily downloaded, viewed and printed. These will guide you through all aspects of using the system. They are continually updated as new features are added to SASSI®.

All the major functions in SASSI® are covered by a series of help videos, which describe in detail how to perform the various operations in SASSI®. They are practical and can be readily accessed from the system.

SASSI® has a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, which are being added to continually.

We provide comprehensive training to all users of the system. As part of the initial set up process, all client staff are provided with training relevant to their job functions. This can be conducted on-line or face-to-face. This training is designed to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from our software.

We design our software with ease of use as a major criterion. We expect that as you use the software you will find that it is self-explanatory and your need for other support will be minimal.